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Member Benefits


Member level introduction

Membership level is the division of's different rights and interests to registered members. As the membership level continues to increase, the more service benefits you can enjoy , and you can upgrade your membership level by adding points (For details, please refer to Member Points Introduction.

Rights and interests enjoyed by different member levels            
Membership level            Total points
Enjoy rights            
<1000 pointsYou can view the product price and point exchange.
Level2≥1000 points; < 3000 pointsYou can view the product price、 point exchange and 凸Key product.
Level3≥3000 pointsYou can view product prices、point exchange、  凸 Key products、exclusive customer service、and exclusive offers.

* has the right to make corresponding adjustments according to the situation.

Member Points Introduction

Member points are calculated based on the members' consumption value and activity on The validity period of the points is 365 days from the day when the points are obtained, and the overdue points will automatically become invalid.

Points description            
Points type            Illustrate            Obtain /use            
Total pointsThe total number of points owned by members on, including available points, used points and invalid points

1. Active points: You can get 1 point when you log in for the first time every day;

2.Shopping Points: For every single order over $10, you will get 1 point after the order is completed.  In case of return, the corresponding points will be deducted.
Available pointsTotal points - Invalid points - Used points
Used pointsPoints consumed by members on

Offset part of the amount with qualified points when shopping;

Use points in points shopping activities launched by from time to time.
Invalid pointsOverdue points

* has the right to make corresponding adjustments according to the situation.

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Release date:2022-03-05