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    Name: KD Max Key Programmer tool KEYDIY a professional mutil -functional smart device Android system with bluetooth and WIFI
    SKU: TM008861
    Category: KD machine
    Stock: in stock


    KD Max Key Programmer tool KEYDIY a professional mutil -functional smart device Android system with bluetooth and WIFI


    Product Description

    Language: KD-MAX can support all languages in the "Mobile KD" APP



    1-Product Overview

    KD- MAX is a professional mutil-functional smart device. It works with Android system, built-in with bluetooth and WIFI module, equipped with 5.0 inch LCD display screen. The user-interface was clear, simple and easily manipulative. Device functions including Frequency Checking, Remote Generating, Remote Clone, Chip Recognition/Edition/Decoding/Clone,  Dedicated Chip Generating, Chip Data Acquisition, Car Key Unlock,IC/ID Card Recognition/Clone, Online Program Generating, Battery Voltage Detection, Battery Leakage Detection, Online Updatingand so on. It is an essential professional locksmith tool.


    2-Product Functions

    01) Master Device         1 pc

    02) Data Cable                 1pc

    03) Remote Generating Cable2pcs

    04) Unlocking Cable         1 pc

    05) User Manual         1 pc

    Note: Please check package parts after open the package, if any part shortage please contact the supplier.

    3-Product Functions

    Car Remote Generating

    Garage Remote Generating / Clone

    Remote Clone

    Chip Recognition / Edition/Decoding / Clone

    Dedicated Chip Generating

    Remote Battery Leakage Detection

    Car Key Unlock

    IC/ID Card Recognition/Clone

    Frequency Checking

    Battery Voltage Detection

    4-Main Performance P arameters


    5 Product Outside View


    6 Button Description

    1.Switch button:

    When the device is power off, hold the switch button for 2 seconds to start it. When it is power on, hold switch button 2 seconds will see 3 options: Power Off, Restart and Screenshot. When the screen is on, press the switch button once, the device will turn off the screen for standby; When the screen is off, press the switch button once to light up the screen;

    2.HOME Button:

    Press the HOME button once to pop up the shortcut button function list, and then press the home key once to exit;

    3.Compulsory Resetting Button:

    Insert the card taking pin to the hole on the bottom left to reset the devicecompulsorily. 

    7 Hardware Ports Description

    1.TYPE-C Charging Port 

    Please use 4.5-5.5V/2A charging plug to connect TYPE-C cable to charge. When charging is finished, the device will stop charging automatically to protect the battery.

    2.PS2 Burning Port

    1) Insert remote generate cable(6P cable) to generate remote;

    2) Insert unlock cable to unlock remotes;

    3) Insert unlock cable, enter the Battery Leakage Detection mode, connect the red cable to the positive side on the remote board, and black one to negative side to detect . battery leakage. ( Remove the remote battery first)

    3. Voltage Detection Interface

    Insert battery to the CR port( Pay attention to the positive and negative poles), enter Voltage Detection mode to detect battery voltage. ( See the picture 2 on the right)


    8-Safety Precautions

    ●Please keep it from water, dust and falling;

    ●Do not store or use the device in the environment of high temperature, high humidity, flammability, explosion and strong magnetic field; 

    ●Do not use a charger with mismatched specifications to charge the device;

    ●Do not disassemble the device or change the internal parts of the device without permission, otherwise you will bear the adverse  onsequences;

    ●Please protect the display screen, camera and other key components to prevent damage caused by sharp objects. 

    9-Warranty and After- sales Instructions

    The non-human fault warranty period of the device is two years (one year battery warranty), which is starting by activation by user. During the warranty period, damages which after KEYDIY professionals checking and find not caused by users will be fixed free by KEYDIY company, After warranty period KEYDIY company will recharge according maintenance costs.

    Any of the following circumstances during the warranty period we will not offer free maintenance.

    1.Damage to components and circuit boards due to improper use by users or accidental disasters; 

    2.The equipment is damaged due to self disassembly, repair or modification;

    3.The equipment is damaged due to failure to follow the precautions in the manual;

    4.The machine is damaged due to collision, falling and improper voltage;

    5.The equipment shell is worn and dirty due to long-time use.


    The final interpretation right of this manual belongs to Shenzhen Yiche Technology Co.. Ltd. Without permission, no individual or organization may copy and disseminate this manual in any situation.


    car key-db.jpg

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