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    Xhorse & VVDI Products

    Name: XDSKE0EN Xhorse Smart Key Box Bluetooth Adapter Work with MINI Key Tool/ Key Tool Max/ Key tool Plus/ VVDI2
    SKU: TM008735
    Category: Xhorse & VVDI Products
    Stock: in stock


    Work with MINI Key Tool/ Key Tool Max/ Key tool Plus/ VVDI2


    Product Description

    Xhorse Smart Key Box Work with Smart Phone Pre-order, will be available on July 15th. 

    SMART KEY BOX is a newly designed tool by Xhorse, aiming to help users achieve a 

    non-remote driving experience. By installing the tool into your car, your smartphone 

    is able to work as an independent car key. Usually, it inherits all of the functions of 

    your original remote, including lock, unlock, panic and trunk. Furthermore, 

    keyless entry is also a function that can be performed on your smartphone. 

    ▶The product is developed and produced for the aftermarket. it adopts advanced 

    RF technology and is suitable for the car with push start function. 

    ▶Support add samrt key for car. 

    ▶Support add modified the keyless-enter function. 

       The product with simple installation and reliable performance!!


    Xhorse Smart Key Box Features:

    1. Developed and produced for the aftermarket. It adpots advanced RF technology 

        and is suitable for the car with push start function.

    2. Support add smart key for car

    3. Support add or modify the keyless-enter function

    4. The product with simple installation and reliable performance.

    5. Use VVDI Device to generate remote control. 

    6. Work together with Mini Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Key Tool Plus Pad and VVDI2.

    7. A maximum of 6 mobile phones and 6 smart keys are supported by this device.


    How to Install Xhorse Smart Key Box?

    1. Take out the original remote control, solder the cable according to the soldering diagram 

        of the original remote control, pay attention to the direction.

    2. Connect the RF antenna, LF antenna (connect any two interfaces of Lfantenna), 

         and the original remote control to be transferred.

    3. Find the Vbat wire and ground wire from fuse box, OBD interface or other locations.

    4. Find the ACC signal line( the original car radio, the line with electricity after the navigation 

        power onor the instrumentlight on).

    5. Connect the Vbat wire, ground wire and ACC wire of thepower supply cable to the car.

    6. Setting DIP switch

    7. Bindings of remote control and mobile phone (refer to binding instruction

    8. Install complete

    9. After installed, take a key close to the car, test the automatic unlock and lock function 

        if you stay away (test other keys in the same way

    10. Test unlock, lock, trunk and car panic function after connecting with APP.


    The safety index is higher than the original remote control.

    You can perform "Security Settings" on the "Smart Key BOX" APP.

    Even if the phone is lost, others cannot open your car.

    You can "turn on verification" in the security settings.

    Four security verification methods, easy to operate, prevent problems before they happen.


    Smart Key Box Parameters:

    Size: 100mm*78mm*20mm

    Operating Voltage: 8V-12V

    Quiescent Current: 9mA(12V)


    Package List:

    1pc x Machine

    1pc x LF Antenna

    1pc x RF Antenna

    1pc x Power Supply Cable

    1pc x User Manual

    1pc x Product Quality Certificate


    car key-db.jpg

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