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    After market remote key

    Name: Black Universal Modified Boutique Smart Remote Car Key LCD Screen for BMW Benz Audi Toyota Honda Land Rover Cadillac Lexus KIA Ford
    SKU: TM008701
    Category: After market remote key
    Stock: in stock


    Black Universal Modified Boutique Smart Remote Car Key LCD Screen 

    for BMW Benz Audi Toyota Honda Land Rover Cadillac Lexus KIA Ford


    Product Description


    1. Be suitable with all car with Push start system and smart key 

    2. Our key can replace the original car key by welding the original key to the PCBA

    3. About the battery life, Battery life depends on how often the owner uses the LCD key, and brightening the screen or turning on the Comfy Access feature will increase battery consumption.

     A. If you open the function of Comfy enter, you have to charging again after 2days.

     B. Power off, Standby time is 30 days.

     C. Close the function of Comfy enter, Can be used 5 to 10days.

     D. Power off, cann't use comfy enter function, but you can still use any button of original key in LCD key. 

    ● Packing list in 1pc key

    1. Lcd key           1pc

    2. Usb charging line  1pc


    ● Button define

    Notice: Long press power button and keep 3S, then you can power on the Key. 


    ● The steps of welding PCBA

    Step 1.   Take out the main board of the original car key, and weld the connecting wiring harness on each key function switch of the original car key board according to the diagram below.



    When welding power harness, be sure to distinguish between positive and negative, red is connected to the positive electrode, black is connected to the negative electrode.

    Step 2. Connect with LCD key, according to with the direction of label in LCD key. 


    Red= V+/Power+/3V

    Black= V-/GND

    White= Lock  

    Green= Unlock

    Yellow=Find car /  Multifunction button



    T  LF antenna to the outside 

    ● Function List

    1. Lock/Unlock interface

    A. Long press the touch key of Lock and keep 2s. Car will be Locked 

    B. Long press the touch key of Unlock and  keep 2s. Car will be Unlocked 


    2. Trunk and Find car

    A. Long press the touch button of Truck and keep 2s. Car Trunk will be open and closed.

    B. Long press the touch button of Find and keep 2s. Your car will give feedback to you. 



     1. Your car will support the function of Trunk.

     2. The car search function is applicable to the original car keys have four models 

    ● CAR model choice

    You can choice your car logo through the menu of key. but if the key not include your car, you can set it as bellowing:

    Step1. Power off

    Step2. Design your car Logo, The Picture must use the size:

     A. Size:  Less 100kB

     B. Pixel:  240*320

     C. Picture name: car1 or car2

     D. Picture form:  .gif

    Step3. Connect USB cable with your PC, Then copy your picture to lcd key. you can select "user-defined1" or " user-defined2". 


    ● User information

    You can save your phone number in the key. 

    A. Go into menu of key

    B. Select User information

    C. Write your phone number. 



    car key-db.jpg

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