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    Name: 281451-0020 Aftermarket FSK 315MHz 4 buttons 8A chip Smart Key for Toyota Corolla Camry Avalon FCCID-HYQ14FBA P/N-89904-06140
    SKU: TM008232
    Category: 0020
    Stock: in stock


    Aftermarket FSK 315MHz 4 buttons 8A chip Smart Key 

    for Toyota Corolla Camry Avalon 



    P/N: 89904-06140


    281451-0020 Aftermarket Smart Key 8A chip 4 buttons FSK 315 MHz 8A chip

    for Toyota Corolla Camry Avalon 2001-2006 

    P/N:89904-06140; FCCID:HYQ14FBA;

    FCC ID:  HYQ14FBA;

    IC: 1551A-14FBA;

    COFETEL RLVDE1410-0758;

    BOARD: 281451-0020; 

    OEM# 89904-06140;

    FSK 315MHz;

    Transponder Chip: 8A Chip

    for Toyota Keyless Remote Fob 281451-0020 "G" Board;


    Compatible with:

    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 TOYOTA CAMRY

    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 TOYOTA AVALON

    2014 2015 TOYOTA COROLLA


    Before buying, please open your original remote and confirm it has ALL below information on the remote board. 

    Otherwise, this item will not work for your car.


    Please ensure your current key and the key blade fit exactly the same as the key sample picture.

    You need to have this remote cut and programmed by a local locksmith. DO NOT go to the DEALER they 

    will charge you for ONE HOUR of labor and they tend to want to sell you one of their remotes and often will 

    not program the remote for you or they may charge you and then claim it does not work. A locksmith is fast 

    and inexpensive compared to a dealer.



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