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    Xhorse & VVDI Products

    Name: Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool aoto Remote Key Programmer key tool vvdi Support IOS and Android EU/NA Model free 20pcs VVDI 4c 4d chip
    SKU: TM006530
    Category: Xhorse & VVDI Products
    Stock: in stock


    Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool aoto Remote Key Programmer

    key tool vvdi Support IOS and Android EU/NA Model

    free 20pcs VVDI 4c 4d chip


    VVDI Mini Key Tool Remote Tester

    VVDI Mini Key Tool Compared to VVDI Key Tool:
    VVDI Mini Key Tool works on IOS and Android, much easier to operate on phone.
    VVDI Mini Key Tool shares same functions as VVDI Key Tool with cheaper price, just without remote renew function.
    Mini Key Tool features:
    - can copy transponders
    - works only connected with phone
    - generates remotes and transponders
    - seems like it has a RF and IR tester
    - it is said to be available after some months of development, so not yet
    VVDI Mini Key Tool is the latest key cloning device for 2019 year.
    > Key Cloning ID46/ID4D/ID48/ID4C/ID72/ID70
    > Generate various car remotes
    > Copy fixed code remotes
    > Check remote frequency
    VVDI Mini Key tool VS VVDI KEY TOOL:
    VVDI mini key tool and VVDI KEY TOOL are the same in the aspect of remote and chip generation & copy.
    1. VVDI KEY TOOL can work alone, it can separately complete all functions except the online function such as 46 4D offline copy,
    and it can perform online functions by connecting to the phone.
    KEYTOOL has more functions than vvdi mini key tool such as remote renew functions.
    VVDI key tool supports Bluetooth.
    VVDI key tool comes with big-capacity battery
    2. VVDI mini key tool comes with no battery and no Bluetooth. Only after connecting to the phone can it works fine.
    Very important:
    After VVDI Mini Key tool is released in the market, VVDI KEY TOOL still update regularly .

    VVDI Mini Key Tool V228 Software Update:
    Remote database version 228 update at 2019-1-25
    add for Hyundai Grand I10 smart key
    add for Hyundai Elite I20 smart key
    add for CRUZE smart key
    add for Ford ecosport ID83 smart key
    add for Nissan Micra smart key



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