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    Name: WiFi V1.5 OBDII obd2 ios Car Diagnostic Interface Scanner Wireless ELM327 Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool for iPhone iPad iPod
    SKU: TM006101
    Category: Hot Car Accessories
    Stock: in stock


    WiFi V1.5 OBDII obd2 ios Car Diagnostic Interface Scanner Wireless ELM327 Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool for iPhone iPad iPod



    Everyone need an On Board Diagnostic. Because it is able to ...

    1. Read diagnostic trouble codes both generic and manufacturer-specific, and instantly display their meaning. Let you know clearly when to maintain and repair your lovely car before harm occurs.

    2. Display current sensor data, including
    Engine RPM
    Calculated Load Value
    Coolant Temperature
    Fuel System Status
    Vehicle Speed
    Short Term Fuel Trim
    Long Term Fuel Trim
    Intake Manifold Pressure
    Timing lights
    Timing advance
    Intake Air Temperature
    Air Flow Rate
    Absolute Throttle Position
    Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
    Fuel System status
    Fuel Pressure.

    3. Check to ensure your vehicle is ready for emissions testing!

    4. To be your driving reminder(remind you of over-speed, suitable temperature to start,fuel consumption,shift etc.)
    And much more...

    Why do you choose WSIIROON?
    Strong Compatibility
    WSIIROON OBD2 scanner adopts ELM327 chip V1.5 of Microchip Technology, supporting 9 complete OBD‖protocols, it works on ALL 1996 and newer petrol cars sold in the United States, including all American, European, and Asian vehicles, We promise.
    WSIIROON OBD2 scanner adopts scientific circuit configuration and is made with STM process. At the same time, we set a reliable protector to protect your car from high voltage. Our first units ever sold are still going strong!
    The read speed of our OBD2 scanner is faster than other units on the market, even competitors are amazed at our product.
    Professional Technical Support and 100% Customer Satisfaction
    No hassle replacement process if ever needed.

    Warm tips for choosing APP
    With different apps, you can easily communicate with your car.
    If you are an ordinary car owner, we will recommend you to download free apps, they can meet your general demands.
    If you are a senior auto repair technician, need more data, we advise you to download some fee Apps. Here, you are able to get more information on the engine.The price of these software ranges from $0 to more than $100. In general, Those fee applied have more cool user interface and stronger function than free.

    APP For Free :
    Torque Lite (for Android)
    Scanmaster Lite (for Android)
    OBD Car Doctor (for Android & Ios)
    OBD Auto Doctor (for Android & Ios),

    APP For Fee :
    OBD Fusion (for Android)
    Torque Pro (for Android)
    HobDrive (for Android)
    OBD2 Scanner (for Ios)
    Engine Link (for Ios)
    OBD Fusion (for Ios)
    EOBD Facile (for Ios)
    DashCommand (for Android & Ios)

    Which vehicle does it support?
    WSIIROON obd2 scanner can support all 12 V Gasoline car, but can not support diesel cars, 24V heavy duty carts, Hybrid or electric vehicles.
    If your car is a 12 V Gasoline car, and it supports OBD-II protocols, you can use the WSIIROON obd2 scanner. If you are not sure, you can check the front cover of your car and the manual.
    What should I do after knowing the error codes?
    You can look up related books and websites

    1. If you are not a professional repairman, do not repair your vehicle blindly.
    2. Erasing the code does not mean the fault have been solved, please repair it in time.
    3. WSIIROON obd2 scanner doesn’t work with 1995 Ford Ranger, 2000 Sarum, 2000 Honda Civic, 2001 Altima, 2002 Dodge Neon, 2002 Acura, 2003 GMC, 2003 Ford, 2005 Toyota Vitz, Renault clio 2005



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