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    Auto Key Programmer

    Name: High Quality Auto Key Programmer Code Reader 2
    SKU: TM000534
    Category: Auto Key Programmer
    Stock: in stock


    High Quality Auto Key Programmer Code Reader 2


    Code Reader-2 can identify and read following types of transponders:

    11 Temic

    12 Temic

    13 Megamos

    14 Megamos

    15 Megamos

    20 T5

    40  Crypto

    41  Crypto


    44  Crypto

    45  Crypto

    46  Crypto 2

    48 Megamos Crypto

    4C Texas

    60 Texas Crypto

    61 Texas Crypto

    62 Texas Crypto

    63 Texas Crypto

    64 Texas Crypto

    65 Texas Crypto

    67 Texas Crypto

    68 Texas Crypto

    73 Multiblock

    8C Temic

    8E Sokymat Crypto


    With Code Reader-2 you can copy following  Crypto transponders:

    - ID 41 ,  some of ID 40 Opel/GM (T9 type)

    - ID 42 VAG ,  some of ID 44 VAG (not LCK)

    - ID 45 Peugeot/Citroen.


    P.S.:  Cloning transponder chips for 4D (TEXAS CRYPTO). Can be copied onto Silca EH2 and JMA TPX2. Without link Internet to copy 4D for 4D cryptograph.

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