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    Auto ECU IC

    Name: Auto ECU computer board chip Infineon BTS7740G car electronic IC
    SKU: TM004934
    Category: Auto ECU IC
    Stock: in stock


    Auto ECU computer board chip Infineon BTS7740G car electronic IC


    Infineon BTS7740G Automotive electronic IC is car engine control computer drive chip, it is easily damaged parts on Auto ECU controller board, Infineon BTS7740G car engine control unit electronic IC, and the ECU Integrated Circuit IC for car electronic repair.

    L9762-BC APIC-S03 APIC-D06 L9302-AD L9113 L9132 L9131 L9826 L9930 L05172 HD151007
     SE145 SE506 SE591 SE817 SE814 SAK-C167CS MC33291 STA413A ST10F273 ST10F275 IRGB14CL40
     GB10NB37LZ BTS5589G BUK9635-55A SPF0001 SPF5002A SPF5014 TB9003FG 2248 IR
     04839756AA A2C33648 ATIC17E1 A2C08350 ATIC39-B4 V5036S UPC844G UPC177G VB325SP
     VB326SP MC68HC908AZ60 4J74Y MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y  MC68HC08AZ60 1J35D  MC912DG128ACPV 3K91D
     MC68HC908  1L02M  S29CD016JOMQFM11  M28F512-12C1  AM29F200BB-90SI DPS926747
     30054 30313 30244 30343 30344 30348 30358 30374 30057 30381 30536 30520 30536
     30554 30559 30578 30591 30595 30614 30620 30639 35080 40048 40049 40066 40107 48023
     TLE4216G TLE4226G TLE4270S TLE4276G TLE4278G TLE44716 TLE4274V50 TLE6220 TLE6240GP
     TLE6244X TLE6232GP TLE62326P TLE4729G TLE8209-1E X1 4AK19 74022PC 3N08  SOP-8
     F5033  SOP-8 FDS2407 SOP-8  1736AB SOP-8 STGB10NB37LZ MC33286DW 2SC5664 2SB1669   NEC  TO-263    
     2SJ302 NEC TO-263 BTS426L1  TO-263 VND1NV04  TO-252 VB325 MAR9109PD M5269L D16861GS
     DPS326718 TY93065D LM1815M
     G8FE-1AP-L 12VDC V23072-C1059-X119

    93C46 93C56 93C56 93C76 93C86 93LC56 93Y56 95010 950128 950160 95020 950320 95040
    950640 95080 95640 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 93C46 93S46 93C56
    93S56 93C66 93C76 93C86  24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32

    ST10F273 ST10F275 14CL40 A2C33648 A2C08350 V5036S ST95080 ST95160 VB326SP
    MC68HC908AZ60 4J74Y MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y S29CD016JOMQFM11 M28F512-12C1 AM29F200BB-90SI DPS926747
    30244 30343 30348 30057 30536 30520 30554 30620 30639 35080 40107 48023
    TLE44716 TLE6220 TLE6244X TLE62326P TLE8209-1E 84306-48030
    3N08 FDS2407 1736AB BTS426L1 VND1NV04 G8FE-1AP-L 12VDC V23072-C1059-X119
    95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128
    4C  CN1  TPX1  4D  CN2  TPX2 46  CN3  TPX4  TPX5  72-G  G CHIP
    T5 ID8E ID13 ID40 ID41(T11) ID42(T10) ID48 4D60 4D60 80bit 4D62
    4D63 4D63 80bit 4D64 4D65 4D67 4D68 4D70 PCF7935AA PCF7936AA
    ID 13 Honda  ID 48 Megamos  ID 8E Honda  ID 48CAN Skoda VW Audi
    T5(ID 20 Clonable) ID 4C Toyota  ID 4D 60 Hyundai Nissan ID 4D 61 Mitsubishi
    ID 4D 63 Ford  ID 4D 65 Suzuki  ID 4D 67 Toyota  ID 4D-G Chip Toyota
    ID 40(Gold) Suzuki  80 Bit Chip Ford  ID 46 Suzuki  ID 46 Hyundai Mitsubishi Nissan Opel Renault Porsche GM Chryster
    TPX1 CN1 4C  TPX2 CN2 4D  TPX4 CN3 46 48  SUPEROBD SKP-900  key cutting machine
    PCF7935AA PCF7936AA PCF7938XA PC7937EA PCF7930AS
    PCF7936 PCF7937 PCF7938 PCF7939 PCF7991 PCF7992 PCF7993 PCF7941 PCF7961 PCF7952 PCF7953  Blank Chip
    TMS37145 HCS300 TMS3705 UCC27424 UCC27425 TMS37F158 TMS37F128 TMS37F126 TMS37F122
    Engine Parts  Piston&Bearing  Auto Filter  Radiator&Condenser  Gasket Kit&Seal  Engine Timing&Kit  
    Water&Oil Pump Chassis Parts Steering Rack  Wheel Hub  C.V Joint &Kit  Clutch Parts   Brake Parts 
    Shock Absorber   Control Arm&Ball Joint  Mounting Electrics Parts
    Ignition Coil&Cable   Auto Sensor   Auto Fan   Auto Motor Fuel Pump&Assy Body Parts  
    Auto Cable    Auto Lamp&Bumper
    ECU Repair  ECM Repair   PCM Repair  BCM Repair
    TCM Repair  FICM Repair  IDM Repair  Cummins Diesel


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