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    Auto Key Programmer

    Name: AK90 for BMW Plus K-LINE 0D46J EWS Adapter
    SKU: TM002366
    Category: Auto Key Programmer
    Stock: in stock


    High Quality AK90 Auto Key Programmer for BMW Plus K-LINE 0D46J EWS Adapter

    auto key-tb.jpg

    Product Description

    BMW AK90 Key Programmer Plus K-LINE 0D46J EWS adapter
    K-LINE OD46J EWS3 Adapter for AK90, works together with AK90 for EWS immobiler key programming.
    Package list:
    1pc x AK90 Host
    1pc x AK90 10 Pin Cable
    1pc x AK90-Chip data to read specific seat
    1pc x AK90 V3.19 software CD-ROM
    1pc x AK90 USB communication cable
    1pc x K-Line Adapter
    1pc x Power Adapter


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