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    Car Diagnostic Tool

    Name: Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538C
    SKU: TM001932
    Category: Car Diagnostic Tool
    Stock: in stock


    Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538C

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    Product Description

    * It could diagnose Asian, European and American cars without any limited.

    * It also contains the strong diagnostic software of Asian cars, BMW, Mercedes.

    * JBT-CS auto scanner is appointed to be the O.E auto scanner for VW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ssangyong, Toyota

    Basic Function:
    1. Read DTC (Diagnostic Trouble code)
    2. Clear DTC
    3. Data-stream reading and storage
    4. Actuation Test

    JBT-CS series developed in the most new edition jinbenteng scanner development system BT-DDS platform New generation of BT-DDS developing platform integrates many new technology which causes the CS have many convenient formidable functions, had achieved anticipated design purpose of operation simple, function formidable.

    Four Original Inventions:
    1. Self-learn-judge-more
    2. Data Stream Memory and Printing-more
    3. Personnel Operation Setting-more
    4. Over-Scope Alarm Display-more

    Two different Charateristics:
    1. Value-Added
    2. Intellengence

    1. Myriad memory space of hardware can enable customers record world-wide vehicles data without changing memory card, and can ensure unlimited program updates.
    2. Color Display and Friendly Interface. Each interface has real-time operational advice, which is easy to operate.
    3. The formats of data streams can be set by users themselves to help them compare all types of vehicles parameters.
    4. Referential DataStream normal ranges are provided to aid trouble shooting.
    5. VGA Visual Output is able to connect bigger screen projection
    6. Software and hardware designing has been considered with protection, which can enhance the stability of product.
    7. Demonstration programs have been installed to help users learn.

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