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    Car Diagnostic Tool

    Name: Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538D
    SKU: TM001877
    Category: Car Diagnostic Tool
    Stock: in stock


    Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538D

    auto key-tb.jpg

    Product Description

    * including JBT-CS 538C and JBT-CS 538D.

    * can diagnose all Asian, European and American cars, such as BMW, BENZ, TOYOTA, HOND A, MAZDA, FORD, Buick and so on.

    JBT-CS 538 series with color screen, self-learning function, warning function, and conveniently online upgrading function. However, JBT CS 538D has built-in printers, while JBT CS 538C does not.

    Auto Scanner JBT-CS538D Funtion

    1. Read DTC 

    2. Clear DTC  

    3. Read datastream  

    4. Unit test 

    5. Store and printing 

    6. ECU setting  

    7. Self learning judging  

    8. Immobilizer

    Auto Scanner JBT-CS538D Specification:

    Type: Universal Auto Diagnostic tool

    Voltage: 12V

    Rate: 9-15w

    Certificates: CE \ ISO9001 and ISO 14001

    Brand: JBT

    Screen: color display

    Platform: Self-researching BT-DDS 

    Update:  Online update

    Accessories: Built-in printer

    Outer packing: Carton

    Inner: Plastic Suitcase

    Volume: 0.05 Cubic meters

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