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MTDIAG M1 Motor Diagnostic Scanner only for BMW Motorcycles with Oil Reset Service


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Device parameters

Operating system: Android operating system with version 4.4 or above

Processor: ARM 32-bit Cortex

Communication method: Bluetooth

Working voltage: DC8V-16V

Operating Temperature: 10 to 70°C (14Z to 158°F.) Relative Humidity <90%

Storage Temperature: -30 to 120°C (-22 to 248°F.) Relative Humidity <90%

Dimensions: Length 150mm, Width 94mm, Height 40mm

Weight: Net Weight: 0.07KG (0.154ib)

Gross weight: 0.166KG (0366lP)

supporting agreement:

SAE-J1850PWMSAE-J1850VPW UDS,ISO 9141-2,

CANISO11898, K/L lines, SAE-J1850VPW,, CANISO11898, high-speed CAN, medium-speed CAN, low-speed CAN, single-line CAN.


MTDIAG M1 Support Features

MTDIAG A must-have tool for every BMW motorcycle player

01. The software continues to be automatically upgraded for free.

02. Check the fault codes of all motorcycles.

03. Support viewing real-time data of all sensors in the whole vehicle.

04. A variety of service functions, a good helper for car owners to maintain their cars.

05. Can diagnose the control unit and system of BMW motorcycle.

06. Support the detailed information of the whole vehicle control unit, and identify whether the control unit is original hardware.

07. Powerful diagnostic function, compact and easy to carry, mobile phone Bluetooth connection, scanning of various fault codes.

08. Support encoding, mile/kilometer conversion, Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion, programming turn signal status, etc.

09. Support all diagnostic functions, identify, read and delete error codes, service reset, coding, actuator testing.


Recommended latest features

Through programming, the on-board computer can be turned on, and the instrument can be turned on or off (it can also be manually turned on or off through the two buttons on the induction key). If it is turned on, the anti-theft mode will automatically start when the vehicle is powered off for about 30 seconds. During the start-up period, if the owner (induction key) is nearby, the alarm will not sound if the alarm is triggered. If the owner is not in the accessories of the car, the vehicle will sound a loud alarm. And cooperate with the left and right turn lights to flash to alarm! When the car owner turns on the vehicle, the alarm will remind the car owner through the flashing alarm indicator light on the instrument....

Product Features:

Convenient and fast to use, and easy-to-understand operation;

Covered for BMW Motor all series: C, E, F, G, K, R, S;

Covered for BMW Motor all diagnostic functions and service; 

Functions of all system;

Common service functions: Oil reset, IMMO key, Calibrate ESA, Calibrate SAF, Calibrate headlight, Switch off transport mode, etc.

Support standard OBDII-16 and for BMW 10 PIN connector

Lifelong free upgrade




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      MTDIAG M1 Motor Diagnostic Scanner only for BMW Motorcycles with Oil Reset Service