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    After market remote key

    Name:95440-B4500 2013-2017 Hyundai I10 433MHz PCF7945 Chip 3 Buttons Smart Remote Car Key
    Category:After market remote key
    Stock:in stock


    2013+ i10 3 Buttons 433MHz PCF7945 Chip Smart Remote Car Key

    for Hyundai FCC ID: 95440-B4500


    2013+ Hyundai i10 3 Buttons 433MHz PCF7945 Chip FCC ID-95440-B4500 Smart Remote Car Key;
    433Mhz Remote Key For HYUNDAI I10 Original key Transponder chip ID46;

    433MHz PCF7945 Chip;
    FCC ID: 95440-B4500;
    for Hyundai I10 2013—2017;

    HY22 Blade;


    This is for you to own a new additional key.
    Please ensure your current remote key and key blade looks exactly the same

    as the remote and key blade in the cover picture.
    Most locksmiths now provide such services, and charge much less than the dealer.
    In brand new condition, the transponder chip never been used.
    The remote and transponder chip needs to be programmed and the key blank needs

    to be cut at your local dealer,qualified automative locksmith.
    And other model with the same specifications of key blank and battery holder listed as below section...


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