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    Name:AK60 Smart key cutting machine
    Stock:in stock


    AK60 Smart key cutting machine instruction

          1.basic instruction and using area

          2.operation instruction

          3.clamp using

          4.Maintenance and attention

    basic instruction

         1.Exclusive innovation, Milling Cutter Pin 2 in 1 design

         2.Powerful function, flat embryo, three-dimensional embryo, round embryo all cut

         3.Instead of manual machine, achieve automatic & manual 2 in 1

         4.more perfect cutting,1.0mm the smallest milling cutter

         5.Spindle with high speed brushless motor, the motor speed of 10,000 rpm per minute or more

         6.Durable, fuselage material of stainless steel and alumina alloy, no rust

         7.Easy operation, 7-inch high-definition touch-screen control panel

         8.easy using,easy learning,intelligent programming design

         9.easy to carry, weight less than 13kg

         10.Working voltage DC 12V, available car cigarette lighter power

         11.device inch 250mm*254mm*288mm

         12.The maximum power 35W

         13.Can copy flat embryo, stereo embryo, round embryo key without any information

         14.can copy civilian green embryo key

         15.update online


          1.Randomly presented 2 sets of cutter

          2.clamp 4 sets

          3.1 power line

          4.1 update line

          5.1 set assistant tool

          6.1 brush


          1.please confirm if cutters are all good

          2.choose the currect clamp according to the cutted key,confirm the clamp currect or not.

 the clamp everytime exchanging clamp

          4.please install clamp standardly(as pictures)


    device picture


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