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    Auto Key Programmer

    Name:Keyline MINI 884 Car Key Cloning Programmer Convertible many languages
    Category:Auto Key Programmer
    Stock:in stock


    MINI Keyline 884 Car Key Cloning Programmer, Convertible many languages ;

    Introduction for Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI TKM. Xtreme Kit Car Key Cloning Tool.

    Easy, fast and mobile,simple to use. 884 Decryptor Mini Car key cloning allows thecar keys cloning with

    Philips fixed code and Philips Crypto (ID46), Texas fixedcode and Texas Crypto (4D), Megamos

    fixed code and Megamos Crypto (ID48)transponders: covering 2000 car models, up to 95% of cars,

    motorbikes and trucksfrom the past 20 years still in operation.

    Descriptions for Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI TKM. Xtreme Kit Car Key Cloning Tool,

    Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI Transponder Key Cloning Machine.

    Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI Description:

    884 Decryptor Miniis simple to use: just connect it to your Android smartphone or tablet, with USB-OTG
    capability (for more details click here), or to a PC WINDOWS (7 and subsequent versions) with an Internet
    connection, download the Keyline Cloning Tool mobile App* or the PC Software and start the transponder-equipped
    car key cloning procedure without having to press any buttons and also without connecting to a power outlet.
    The led lights on the 884 Decryptor Mini inform the user of the various phases of the cloning procedure,
    while the interface displayed on the screen of the smartphone, tablet or PC takes the user through the
    whole procedure. An easy system that can be used with extreme simplicity everywhere.
    Its extremely high calculation power, maximum flexibility and ease of use guaranteed by an easy and quick
    updating procedure, make it the ideal choice for automotive professionals.


      You can use glass transponder, to fit the transponder key keyline pilot KeyDIY keys or OEM,
      You can use Carbon transponder to fit the transponder key keyline pilot KeyDIY keys or OEM,
      You can use the electronic "head" to fit the finished tip and so. "Fork" into caves,
      Create a pilot Ford Fixed Blade for both Tibbe and HU101,
      Create your own emergency key to Nissan or BMW,
      copy to ID33 transponder using T5,
      copy to ID41, 42, 44, 45 using the carbon TK50 transponder or electronic "head" TK50,
      copy to ID4c, 4D, using ID46 glass transponder or electronic "head" TK100,
      Megamos to copy ID48 transponder into a glass GKM or electronic "head" TKM.




    Completely new features:

    Clone-2-Process- go ahead and disconnect from the server and the backup process will still continue - when the key
     is ready you will get an email notification! Completion key will take less than a minute!
    Clone-AutoConnect- the system will automatically remember at what stage you finished the copying process, even if
    your phone in the middle of the process turns off - after charging the phone does not have to start all over again.
    Keyline Multi-Clone- This option allows you to start the copy of the new key, even though at the same time takes
    longer process of cloning another. Option to copy multiple keys at the same time is no longer available!

    LEDs built into the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi allow users to easily gain insight into the process of copying.
    The interface displays on screen tablet, phone or computer shows the user on a regular basis the progress
    of the copy, making operation easy.

    Megamos Xtreme Crypto Cloning Kit for ALL ID48 Chips

    Megamos Xtreme Crypto Cloning Kit is a FIRST general of affordable copy all Megamos® Crypto Transponder Keys (ID48)
    in just two minutes!
    This device provides all automotive locksmith and a full range of professional services. You no longer need to worry
    about complex diagnostic devices, tokens, codes or strange devices. Megamos Xtreme is fully compatible with Smart
    Cloner 90 Wi-Fi and Smart Cloner 90 Standalone (884 Decryptor Ultegra). Brand Keyline offers special dedicated "brackets",
    matching electronic "head" TKM.

    * All the brands and trade marks mentioned here are the exclusive property of the respective car

    manufacturers or groups.
    ** Regarding first generation Philips Crypto transponder, 884 Decryptor Mini can clone some PH1A;

     but not PH1B, PH1C, PH1D, PH1E and also Keyline RK60 remote controls.
    *** In order to clone TKM-supported Megamos Crypto transponders, the 884 Decryptor Mini must be

     activated through the TKM. Xtreme Kit or TKM. Starter Kit. For a complete list of models that can be

    cloned to date, please consult the TKM. Xtreme Kit and TKM. Starter Kit pages. To get information on

     prices, please contact your area sales agent or the nearest distributor.

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